This page is dedicated to the past ECV members who have graduated from the program

and have moved on to the next phase of their lives.

THANK YOU for all you have done to help make the 'Voices' a successful program at Gillette College!
                                         Colter Keffeler   -  Gillette, WY-  (2014-2015)

                                         Colter Keffeler  -  Gillette, WY-  (2014-2015)

                                      Andrew Kober   -  Enterprise, AL-  (2014-2016 )

                                      Andrew Kober -  Enterprise, AL-  (2014-2016)

                                          Kathryn Hart   -  Gillette, WY-  (2014-2016)

                                          Kathryn Hart  -  Gillette, WY-  (2014-2016)

                                  Camille Neuharth   -  Douglas, WY-  (2014-2015)

                                  Camille Neuharth  -  Douglas, WY-  (2014-2015)