Auditions may be created online (i.e. YouTube, drop box or video vault).

Links need to be addressed and submitted to the Director, Dennis Gilbar at:


Singer/Dancer auditions must have three elements:

1.  Pop/Rock/Country accompanied selection

2.  Jazz or Classical repertoire accompanied selection

3.  Performing 32 counts of choreographed dance to up-tempo music selection.


Instrumentalist auditions must have two elements:

1.  Pop/Rock/Country selection

2.  Jazz or contrasting style selection


Early consideration of larger scholarships must be submitted by April 1st.  

* Further consideration on selection of group members will be made by July 1st.

*You may be required to provide references from teachers and/or administration.

* If you have not filled out the Scholarship/Audition Application Form, please click the link below and submit.